Premier Buildings,
OverEZ Chicken Coops,
& Auto Sales

Premier Portable Buildings

All of our buildings are built by skilled and experienced Mennonite craftsmen from across the United States. We are progressively researching innovative technologies and new and improved products to continue bringing our customers a quality building that is in fact the best in the business. A Premier building! 


OverEZ Chicken Coops

Unyielding Quality:

We don’t cut corners (our Amish roots won’t let us!). From materials to assembly, we’re committed to providing only the best.

Low Impact:

Easy to reach nesting boxes.

Really EZ, Really Fun:

Everything we do helps chicken-raising families love their birds. Raising chickens is a passion, not a chore.

Auto Sales

At SHACKS Sheds And Auto Sales, our low-pressure sales professionals will help you drive away in the vehicle of your dreams without feeling like you got ripped off.

With our varied inventory, trade-in options, and willingness to negotiate to your needs, you’re all but guaranteed to leave with a great purchase.

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