Premier Portable Buildings

Cabins, Storage, Garages, Garden Sheds & More

All of our buildings are built by skilled and experienced Mennonite craftsmen from across the United States. We are progressively researching innovative technologies and new and improved products to continue bringing our customers a quality building that is in fact the best in the business. A Premier building! Below are some of the key features built into each of our buildings.

Why choose Premier Portable Buildings?

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Buying options

Buy or Rent to Own are available for both options.

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Rent to Own

Premier Portable Buildings offers an affordable Rent-to-Own program that allows customers to rent their barns on a monthly basis instead of purchasing them outright. At the end of your rental agreement, the building is yours to keep! The way it works is simple.

No Credit Check and we Do Not Report to Credit Agencies

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Design your own building with our design tool, select that your working with a dealer and specify SHACK’s.

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